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Western Pacific District members only, please.
There is a limited number of connections available per session.
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COVID-19 Update - Australia & New Zealand


Transmission services temporarily replacing local services


As expected, the COVID-19 virus situation has continued to evolve. We continue to follow the official guidelines given by the Federal and State Medical Officers in both Australia and New Zealand as this is the advice relevant to these two countries and situations.


Local congregational divine services are temporarily suspended.


Four transmission points are offered (Members from the Western Pacific District only, please, as we have a limited number of connections)


  • New Lynn - NZ & Pacific Islands - 930am (Pacific/Auckland time)
  • Beverly Hills - NSW, Vic, Tas, SA - 930am (Australia/Sydney time)
  • North Ipswich - Qld, NT - 930am (Australia/Brisbane time)
  • Koondoola - WA, Asia - 930am (Australia/Perth time)


  • New Lynn - NZ & Pacific Islands - 8pm (Pacific/Auckland time)
  • Beverly Hills - NSW, Vic, Tas, SA - 8pm (Australia/Sydney time)
  • North Ipswich - Qld, NT - 730pm (Australia/Brisbane time)
  • Koondoola - WA, Asia - 730pm (Australia/Perth time)


Please use the Connect button in the Divine Service Transmission section above to connect with the service for your location.



Some of you may have read various COVID-19 articles on nac.today, which has mainly reported on what is happening in Europe. Whilst this information is interesting, it is still focused on the responses in different countries and regions. It is important to note that although the directives given for our region may be in contrast to advice given in other districts and countries around the world, their situations may differ to those currently occurring in Australia and New Zealand, and as such they may have implemented alternative protocols. Prime Minister Morrison (Australia) has advised that our responses must be both scalable and sustainable, to give the best opportunity to weather this situation.


The measures being taken are for the benefit of our whole community, especially those who are advanced in age or have compromised immune systems, as they are more vulnerable and at higher risk of contracting illnesses. It is important to note however that each member knows their own individual situation and should manage their activities and make decisions based on their personal circumstances.

For the latest official government updates, please refer to the health department websites for your country:



We continue to pray for the swift recovery of all those affected and that this pandemic can be brought under control with minimal negative effect for all.